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Founded in 1994 and based in Macau, formerly known as Macau Bazaar Co. Ltd. is now called Macau Fine Wine Bazaar Co. Ltd. We are a prominent importer and distributor of fine quality wines from different growing regions and countries around the world.


From everyday wines to the most celebrated kinds, the company primarily focuses on providing high quality and high demand Bordeaux vintages – red, white, dry and sweet - as well as those wines that we consider of the highest quality and best value for money. Our extensive portfolio is enviably impressive, embracing 1er Cru to renowned table wines that we sourced directly from France, Portugal, Germany, New Zealand and the U.K.


We employ refrigerated containers to ship our wines – which travel mostly in Autumn and Winter to minimize the effects of heat in Macau - ensuring that they are properly handled and professionally stored (and regularly checked by our dedicated staff) in our warehouse around the clock in a temperature controlled environment of 16 - 18 degree Celsius under conditions of 60% - 70% humidity to enable them to reach their full, flavorful potential.



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